Life Empowerment Coaching

Barb Skora, Relationship Coach

Solutions, Resolutions, and goals
are inside of you
waiting for release!

Teaser Trial” Coaching

E-Mail the coach with one question 2x a week,
8 times a month and receive clear answers to your pressing problems.

E-Mail contact Only.

Monthly fees $249.00 prepaid.

One-Session only

For individuals that only need “one session.” Discussions will include urgent problems with immediated help by video or phone.

Includes a ONE-HOUR video call / phone contact

Prepaid hour $175.00 / Half hour $90.00

On-Going Sessions

Coaching sessions with a plan.

$150 per hour

3-one hour sessions $400 save $50.

Choose a Plan

All sessions prepaid through PayPal.

Sessions are valid for six months from date of purchase.

All sessions remain confidential.

By Video or Phone Los Angeles California Worldwide
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